Technical maintenance of buildings


  • Maintenance of electric power supply systems (internal and external), power and distribution lines
  • Transforming substation maintenance
  • Heating and ventilation systems maintenance
  • Internal and external water supply and sewage maintenance
  • Heat and cold supply systems maintenance
  • Fire alarm system maintenance
  • Sanitary ware maintenance
  • Lifting equipment maintenance
  • Input-extract, input-outlet system, fan-coils of refrigeration machines maintenance
  • Automatic barriers and automatic gates maintenance
  • ACS and video monitoring maintenance
  • Maintenance of UPS (uninterruptable power supply) lines and equipment and DGP (diesel-generator plants) and EC&I facilities.




Internal cleaning

  • professional cleaning of offices and production premises
  • maintaining cleaning of public access areas
  • complete cleaning range of offices
  • overall cleaning of premises
  • cleaning of parking areas.


Cleaning of adjoining territories

  • Manual and mechanized cleaning of litter and leaves;
  • Cleaning of parking and access ways;
  • Winter time area cleaning: removal and transportation of snow, deicing and treatment with anti-icing materials;
  • Garbage removal.


Industrial climbing

  • Altitude washing of facades and windows, cleaning of buildings supporting structures;
  • Cleaning roofs and projecting structures from snow, icicles knocking down.


Mobile cleaning team services

  • One-time overall cleaning;
  • After construction works cleaning;
  • Chemical cleaning of carpet floorings, sitting furniture;
  • Chemical cleaning of sunblinds.


Corporate Policy of any company today usually includes arrangement of its personnel feeding for an employee’s personal mood, health and operating results of the whole company generally depend on feeding terms and conditions

There is a great number of financial, production, and organizational and other issues to be solved by a company Management to arrange personnel feeding.

MSB offers the professional approach to catering: daily hot, substantial and well-cooked food!

Repair and construction works

Repair of commercial property premises is one of the priority types of business activity of Management Service Brokerage Company. We have a wide experience in implementation of projects of various difficulty: from cosmetic to major capital repair.

  • Dismounting works;
  • Plastering works;
  • Painting works;
  • Tiling and facing works;
  • Flooring;
  • Windows and doors installation;
  • Roofing works;
  • Exterior finishing works;
  • Plumbing works;
  • Electrical mounting works;
  • Access Control System mounting;
  • Structured Cable Systems mounting.